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Where to bet FAQs:

» What is an online sportsbook?
» What sportsbook should i use?
» Where can i place a bet online?
» How to place a bet online?
» Is it legal to place bets online in US?

Banking Methods FAQs:

» What are the best banking methods?
» How do i fund sportsbooks?
» How can i deposit to my account?

Scam Sportsbook FAQs:

» How do you detect scam sportsbooks?
» What are some sportsbook scam tips?

Mobile Betting FAQs:

» How does smartphone betting work?
» Does my sportsbook offer mobile?
» What sportsbook offers mobile betting?
» Which book allows mobile wagering?
» What is smartphone betting?

Live Betting FAQs:

» What is live in-game sports betting?
» What are best live betting sportsbooks?
» What are live betting advantages?
» Which games offer live in-game betting?


Where To Bet FAQs:

What is an online sportsbook?

If you want to bet on sporting events, and you’d love to be able to do it online, then you need an online bookmaker. A lot of people are still not really sure what an online sportsbook is, and how it all works. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned punter, let’s see if we can answer this question to everyone’s satisfaction. First of all, an online sportsbook is a website where you can bet on a variety of sporting events. Other than that the fact that you’re betting online, it’s pretty much the same as a regular bookie. With your regular bookie you walk in, check out the prices, and then approach the counter to place your bet with the staff member working that day. It’s exactly the same for online betting. Well, perhaps not exactly, but the only differences are that with online betting you can ‘enter’ whenever you want, and you’re not interacting with real people. ‘Walking in’ is the same as logging into your online account. ‘Checking out the prices’ is the same: you check out all the different markets and then you place your bet. Instead of doing this at the counter, you add it to your account and pay for your bet by using funds previously deposited in your account.

What sportsbook should i use?

The answer to this question is very simple: No! You can easily make a deposit at any reputable USA sportsbook. Right now there are tons of watch dog sites where you can find all the information you need about the online sports books. These sites give the players a chance to do a proper research on the sportsbook they are about to sign up with before making a deposit there. Another important thing that you should take into consideration is the betting options which you want and which are available. Most top online USA sportsbooks will offer you the chance to have a look at the odds plus the betting options that you have available. In case you enjoy placing bets on baseball games, the overnight dime lines must be important to you, make sure that the USA sportsbooks you are about to sign up has that feature, as well as the mobile USA sportsbooks, allowing you to access your account from your smartphone. Almost any site has a deposit bonus available.

These bonuses are usually between 10% and 30% of the money you deposit the first time, while the bonus can reach up to $1,000. However before you will be able to cash out your winnings you must meet the wagering requirements. This means that you have to bet at least 2 or 3 times the account balance after you have made the deposit in order to be able to cash out your winnings. There are many bettors out there that are bonus whores and mover around from one USA sportsbook to another in search of bonuses and monthly promotions. One of many online sportsbooks that will take deposits from United States players is Bovada sportsbook which is known as the respected and popular online sportsbook in 2020. Choosing the right online USA sportsbook is not a very difficult task. There are currently many sites available out there that have both good bonuses and hold a solid reputation. It will take just a couple of minutes of research before you will be able to make a deposit and this way you can be sure to make the right decision.

Where can i place a bet online?

Our choice for the top-rated online betting site is BetOnline.ag. This is probably the hardest part of online betting – finding the best site to place your bets. It’s not due to a lack of websites for online betting; in fact it’s the opposite. There are many, many different sites where you can place an online bet that it can become quite confusing trying to choose the right one for you. Do some research of your own and find out if a particular site is safe for you and your money. The bigger sites shouldn’t cause any concern, but with the smaller, lesser known, and some potentially unknown sites you should err on the side of caution and be very sure before you hand your money over. Our advice would be to stay with one of the bigger sites, and we’ve listed below some websites that we believe to be safe for your online betting.

How to place a bet online?

It’s so easy to place an online bet, but then that’s easy for us to say because we’ve been doing it for a long time. So let’s start at the beginning for those people who haven’t yet experienced the thrill of online betting. If you’d love to get started but are unsure how to go about it, then we hope with this brief article will get you up and running. We’ll go through the online betting process step-by-step: just remember that there may be small differences between new betting sites, but you’ll see when you start that the process is pretty-much the same. Follow our brief guide and we’re sure you won’t have any problems at all once you’re ready to go.

Start by Opening an Account You can browse through the odds online without opening an account, but that’s about all you can do. So start by opening an account with the online bookmaker you’ve chosen to go with. Their sites are easy to navigate with noticeable buttons on the homepage. Now enter your personal details, and ensure that your email address is accurate in case they need to validate your account. As a beginner you might like to start with a site called SBG Global; however this is entirely up to you. With SBG Global you receive a 100% bonus, up to £200 on your initial deposit, and you can watch events live while you bet because they cover all the major sporting events around the world. In our opinion this would be an excellent place for you to start your online betting experience.

Next: Make a Deposit The next step is to make a deposit into your account: obviously you must have money in your account in order to place a bet. Again, this is a very easy process and there are many different payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, and UKash. Choose your payment method and follow the instructions. If this is your first deposit ensure that you take advantage of any welcome bonus being offered by the website. All sites have them, so make sure you don’t miss out! Some will automatically issue the bonus, and others will ask for a code when making the deposit. Keep an eye out for bonus codes for deposits, because sometimes they’re available in addition to your initial bonus.

Select Your Bet Now comes the exciting part – working out what you want to bet on. This probably doesn’t need any explanation, so just browse the different markets and choose the one you want to put your money on. Once you’ve made your decision, click on it and determine how much you want to put down. This will be added to your slip. That’s pretty-much it – now you’re on your own and the fun begins!

Confirm Your Bet You’ve chosen who you want to bet on, now place and confirm your choice. Choose the ‘Bet Now’ button, which will be very obvious to see: now it’s just a waiting game. Will you have beginner’s luck? We certainly hope so.

Is it legal to place bets online in US?

Technically the betting on sports on the internet in United States is illegal, but the reality is that no one was ever charged with this crime in the current legal climate from United States. There are many states right now that have online gambling related laws. The only known case was a person that was charged back in 2003 with a $500 fine for winning more than $100,000 by placing bets over the internet. And the UIGEA legislation that was adopted back in 2006 does not state specifically that it applies to online sports betting too.

The laws in the US say that the online sports betting are very similar to placing a bet at a local illegal bookmaker. It is illegal to do it but the one that organizes the bets is going to face the charges and not the person that places the bets. The federal government is most of the time after the site owners that accept the wagers and not after the ones that are placing the wagers. This means that a person that is going to place a bet over the internet in Untied States is going to be the one has nothing to worry about since he will never face any legal action against him at any time and of any kind.


Banking Methods FAQs:

What are the best banking methods?

There are still many deposit methods available for USA sportsbooks online. When making a deposit to any major online sportsbook, one of the very first things that you should try are the credit cards that you have, while some people get their credit cards declined, others don’t, depending on which state you live in. In case your credit cards fail to work, you need to move on to the other payment methods that are available for deposits.

How do i fund sportsbooks?

Depositing funds for your betting pleasure at the new online sportsbooks is easier than ever. Every one accepts credit cards and various other payment processors and deposit methods. Our vast list of credit card sportsbooks can get you started quickly so you can place a bet on a match or game that same night. Some time ago the bettors from United States were able to use Neteller as a payment method to make deposits in just a few seconds, right now there are still a good number of ways you can pay online. One of the easiest ways to do it is by using your MasterCard or Visa credit card, but in case your credit card gets declined, that will indicate that your credit card provider does not accept gaming related transactions. This problem can be solved easily by getting a pre-paid credit card which can be found at grocery stores or at the gas stations near you.

The bettors can also use the person 2 person transfers in order to load money into the accounts as well as using couple of e-wallets that are still available for US citizens. Some USA sportsbooks are still accepting ACH transactions plus bank wires. When using these payment methods, the transaction fees might get covered by the sportsbook, but not every single one. Cashing out is also very simple and most of the time it’s done absolutely for free in case you do it just twice a month or on a weekly basis. There are a good number of ideal USA sportsbooks that will send you a paper check via regular mail while some of them will even wire you the money straight to your bank account. In case you have used an e-wallet payment method in the past to make a deposit you can always cash out by using the same payment method and have the money transferred in the same e-wallet account.

How can i deposit to my account?

Quick Answer: the majority of online betting sites support multiple methods of funding and deposit account. Check out our deposit options section for more information.

After signing up at your chosen sports betting website, the next thing you probably want to do is deposit some money so you can get busy placing your bets. Obviously, you cannot do much of anything at an internet-based bookmaker's site if you do not first deposit money. No one goes to their local William Hill location and tries to place a bet without cash after all.

Scam Sportsbook FAQs:

How do you detect scam sportsbooks?

Many untrustworthy sites will lure customers in by offering unrealistic bonuses. Huge deposit bonus will almost always indicate a fraudulent site and gamblers often find that the promised bonus doesn’t arrive in the user’s account or, if it does, then it’s impossible to actually withdraw it. Many of these scam sites do not push their wares through extensive marketing and advertising, since their target custom will find them anyway. It comes down to this: if a bettor receives several uninvited emails or phone calls from a site asking for a deposit, then steer clear! Most of these scam sites will be using data that they have obtained illegally.

Cheats stick together - Unfortunately, what it all boils down to is making money. Blog owners and advertising site owners will often promote untrustworthy casinos or sportsbooks because it puts money in their own pockets when people click on the link or use their exclusive code to sign up. Some site owners may be ignorant of these scammers, whilst others may be completely complicit.

Always read the small print - If a sportsbook is legal and above board then it will need to have licensing through their home country. Many illegal sites will start off as genuine in order to get the proper licensing, but more often than not the license is revoked when the illegal practices come to light. Using an internet search engine, do a quick search to see if a site still has a current license. This could ultimately save you money and distress but ensuring that you can bypass these unpleasant sites completely.

What are some sportsbook scam tips?

Sports gambling has been a widespread manner of betting for many, many years. All sports fans want to place a bet on their favourite sporting event, favourite team or the biggest fight of the year. Now that sports gambling is online, the popularity has risen because bettors no longer have to be at an event in person. However, for every genuine site there are untrustworthy online sportsbooks that are aiming to take a customer's money and personal information.

Remember that looks can be deceiving - Even is a site looks genuine, you should still be wary. After all most scammers will work extra hard to make their sites look trustworthy and legitimate to lure customers in. The easiest way to test the reliability of an online sportsbook is to do a Google search. Just type in the name of your chose sportsbook along with the word “scam” and see what results are shown. You will be able to example reviews and views from actual users and should be able to weed out the unreliable. However, this is not a foolproof method but will at least give you a good idea if you about to make a big mistake by entrusting money with a sportsbook.


Mobile Betting FAQs:

How does smartphone betting work?
Once people figure out which online betting sites they can use with their mobile phone, the next question is usually how to place bets and make deposits to their account with it. Two different methods for placing mobile phone bets, other than directly calling the bookmaker if they have a telephone number for their members, exist for your convenience.

1 – Direct Browser Access on the Phone
Any smart phone comes with browser capability, such as Safari for the iPhone. Navigating to this will take you on to the Internet where you can select your online betting site and use it much the same as you word from a computer or laptop. Some bookmakers' websites offer mobile designed sites that may be easier to navigate from a small screen. For others, the regular website will appear.

2 – Use a Cell Phone App
Whether you have an iPhone or android-based mobile, there are apps can download from various online gambling sites that can make it easier to place wagers and make deposits to your accounts. IPhone users can find apps in the app store and android phone users can check out Google Play Store. Phones that use alternative operating systems can also be supported by various online betting sites.

Does my sportsbook offer mobile?

Mobile sport betting advantage – never miss an opportunity again! Mobile sport betting lets you bet from any part of the world, it is simple, efficient way to enjoy the excitement of sports betting. Consider the scenario. You always wanted to bet on your hometown team which you somehow forgot. Now as you are in a pub with your friends you suddenly remember and only few minutes are left and you feel frustrated. But not anymore! Now you can confidently bet from your mobile – fast, easy and secure. Now how cool is that! Mobile betting ensures non-stop betting excitement at your palm. Are you ready for it?

What sportsbook offers mobile betting?

Mobile betting has totally changed the way we bet. The popularity of mobile betting is on the rising curve and market experts estimated a market worth 50 billion annually by 2019. However, at present US bettors do not have much option to select mobile betting apps due to betting restrictions in the United States. Though only a few Sportsbooks apps services are available for US sports gamblers at the moment, you can always access the mobile version of the sportsbook page. So you don’t have to download an app and can still enjoy the benefits of mobile betting.

Mobile betting: A primer to bet on the go – Mobile device betting For sports gamblers there is new to rejoice. Gone are the days of landlines and smoky back rooms. Now is the time for mobile betting. Now you can provoke the gambling streak in you from any part of the world. Yes, mobile betting comes with the advantages of checking odds, accessing account balance and bet on sports events on the go. Betting fun is now truly at your fingertips.

Mobile betting options for US bettors – Top Sportsbetting Sites We have listed the following sites that accept major credit cards and other methods of funding accounts. But US betting sites are yet to accept PayPal as method of deposit.

Which book allows mobile wagering?
Quick Answer: the vast majority of online betting sites allow mobile phone betting. You can see a complete list in our mobile betting section. Since the vast majority of people have mobile phones, online gambling sites have kept up with the popularity and offer the capability to place bets on the go. However, not all of the betting sites you may be interested in offer mobile phone betting, so you still need to do a little bit of research to make sure the one you want to use has that option. We have done most of the work for you, and can tell you which are the best and how you can use your mobile phone to begin betting at online bookmakers.

Which Mobile Betting Sites Are the Best? Since so many Internet-based betting sites allow mobile phone access, you have a wide variety to choose from if you are interested in placing wagers on the go. To make the process much easier for you, we have tested and reviewed many sites and come up with the three best ones that offer mobile phone betting access.

What is smartphone betting?

Smartphone betting is not a rocket science. There are no complicated actions required. It is just that you are betting from you mobile / smartphone just like you did earlier from your desktop or phone line. We find it easier to operate on a mobile than from your desktop. The reason you might ask. Well, mobiles sites do have simple and easier navigation and often created with better usability.

Other important facts: while mobile betting you have to abide by the rule as specified in your sportsbooks. You would require logging in to your sportsbooks account. The same goes for the wagers placed. Encrypted transactions are available from mobile and thus smartphone betting is really safe. Make sure you have a fast internet connection to enjoy the mobile betting from smart phone.


Live Betting FAQs:

What is live in-game sports betting?

Live in-play sports betting differs from your average wagering in a rather obvious way. Instead of placing a bet before the game starts, live betting lets you place bets at many different points actually throughout the game, as it is being played. And, as you would expect, there is plenty that you can bet on once the game is in play, such as new players, game props and alternate points spreads.

If you narrow your view of sports betting to simply future odds, props and games lines then you are severely limiting yourself from the potential to earn an even bigger payout. You’ve forgotten about live betting and you won’t believe quite how many sports participate in it!

What are best live betting sportsbooks?

One of the newest and most entertain ways to play the odds online, with sportsbooks, is by using live in game betting. Now you might be wondering what live in game betting is and why would players prefer it over the normal, pregame betting system of the past. The explanation is really simple, live in game betting allows you to get right in front of the action, even after the game has began. If your team is perform exceptional well, you can add to your wager or if they aren't doing well, you can protect your money by hedging your bets. More and more professional players are switching over to in game betting because of the new betting opportunities it's presenting to player . Some of the best player in the world have begun to wager using only in game betting.

What are live betting advantages?

Instant sports betting is an enjoyable and interesting way to place bets and can help betters to step out of their ordinary betting patterns. If you’re the kind of bettor who likes to go one step further than just placing a wager on a spread, then why not try live betting? Plus betting on a solitary result that may not have any effect of the final score of the game can exclude a lot of the variables. There may also be many more opportunities for betting during a live game than a future or game wager would allow. Is it easy to follow live in game betting? Of course! For example, at Bovada sportsbook the possible betting lines that are available during a live game will be displayed right in front of you and you can decide whether to take that wager or not.

Which games offer live in-game betting?

Great question! Certainly not every game or every sport will feature live betting. However, it’s fair to say that if a game is featured on national television then live betting will be available on it. This way the games reach a wider audience, ensuring that live betting is easier. However, some sportsbooks, such as BetOnline and Bovada, make it simple for you by alerting you to which games are offering live betting.

Accessing the live betting page - It couldn’t be easier! We’ll take Bovada sportsbook as an example. Browse their live games and when you see one that you’re interested in placing a live bet on, all you have to do is click on that game, which will the direct you straight to the live betting page. You’ll be provided with all the possible wagers and the matching betting lines too.








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