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Online Sportsbooks Secure Deposit & Payout Methods

Ever since the 2006 UIGEA bill was passed in United States, it became more and more difficult for US residents to make deposits at the online sportsbooks out there. The moment online gambling started to become somehow banned in United States; a lot of things have changed in this fast moving forward online gambling payment industry.

First of all, there were a good number of ewallet companies like Moneybookers, Neteller and others that stopped serving members from United States. The credit cards transactions started to become a problematic payment method due to the fact that a lot of sports betting players have experienced their credit cards declined. While there are many problems making a payment in case you are located in the US, there are also many solutions available.


Can I use a credit/debit card to make deposits and place bets?

When you participate in online sports betting, yes you can use a debit or credit card to make the deposits you will use to place your bets. At sports betting sites open to U.S. players, credit and debit cards are used more than any other payment method.

In most cases, credit card deposits are available instantly, and sites do not charge players a fee for their deposits. This means as soon as players make a deposit with their debit or credit card they can begin placing bets right away. It is best to choose from the sports betting sites that we recommend. Will know these sites will always protect your credit card deposits.


Using Credit And Debit Cards At Sports Betting Sites

If possible, it is preferable to use a debit card to make your deposits to online sportsbooks as opposed to using a credit card. A debit card is a better choice because you won’t be able to spend more It is also a better choice because some credit card companies will charge a cash withdrawal fee for using a credit card on a sports betting site. Many credit card companies will charge a fee of anywhere from three to five percent of the withdrawal amount.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Visa Cards

In the USA and beyond, Visa is one of the top credit cards used for online gambling. Many major online sportsbooks prefer Visa payments over all other types. These sites often accept different forms of payment, but virtually all of them accept Visas.

Best Betting Site To Use Visa Credit Cards: Mybookie.ag

Mybookie.ag is among the many sportsbooks that allows bettors to use a Visa card, regardless of whether it is debit or credit. This sportsbook does not charge a fee to players for using this payment method. You can make a deposit as small as $25 or as much as $5,000, in one transaction. It also allows you to take advantage of a sign on bonus that matches half of a deposit of no more than $1,000.

What is the minimum deposit for MyBookie.ag? Minimum deposit is $25.

Using Prepaid Visa Cards To Gamble Online

There is nothing more convenient than using a prepaid Visa card to gamble online. Many online casinos based in the USA accept this payment method. Those based in other parts of the world will also accept prepaid Visas. Since a prepaid Visa can be loaded with the exact amount of money you want, virtually any online sports betting site or casino will take it.

Placing Bets Online Using A MasterCard

Most online sports betting sites accept MasterCard as payment. They will list on their site all of the payment methods they accept for bets. Even if a sportsbook does not list MasterCard as an option, if you ask they may allow you to anyway.

Best Betting Site To Deposit With MasterCard: BetOnline.ag

BetOnline.ag accepts many forms of payment, including but not limited to MasterCard. As one of biggest and most established sports betting sites, you can deposit as much as $5,000 at once. Up to a limit of $1,000 you will also get a 50% deposit match from the site when you join. First time bitcoin depositors can receive 100% match bonus up to $1,000 if you use the promo code: CRYPTO100

Online Sportsbooks That Accept American Express Deposits

Many online sportsbooks also accept American Express. There are fewer payment methods you can use that are more secure than this one. These sites almost always include a page listing every single payment method they accept. This makes it easy for you to find out if a particular online sportsbook you are interested in will accept American Express for deposits.

Betting Sites Accepting Both Debit And Credit Cards

Does sportsbook accept debit cards?


As long as your credit card company allows it, almost all online sportsbooks will accept both debit and credit cards for deposit. The acceptance rate varies among individual cards. Virtually every online sportsbooks will accept a Visa as a form of payment for deposits. In the United States most online sports bettors simply use their credit card to do this. Visa is successfully accepted more often than any other type of credit card.

Coming in at a distant second is MasterCard. Much fewer online sportsbooks accept MasterCard than accept Visa. While they are generally excluded from most sportsbooks, a select few will allow payments to be made with Discover, American Express, and Diners Card.

Top Betting Sites For Credit Cards

Here are the offshore sportsbooks we recommend you betting on. These sportsbooks accept many types of credit and debit cards.



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What is the safest deposit option for USA Players?


While cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a safest and most popular payment option as well, many bettors still rely on their credit cards to make deposits with. If you choose the best possible sportsbooks to deposit to with a credit card, you will be able to quickly and easily acquire your funds. The above sportsbooks are your best choices for credit card payment’s.

What Happens When You Are Making A Sportsbook Card Deposit And It Fails

UIGEA laws state that any bank or credit company that thinks a payment will be applied to online gambling must deny the charge. Having your debit card declined by a sports betting site does not mean you have to give up. There are ways that you can bypass the bank’s rules and get the deposit approved anyway. If all else fails, when one card is declined, try using another one.

Set Your Card To Accept International Purchases

When you alert your credit or debit card company that you have the need to make international purchases you can then use the card for online sports betting.

If you have your card set to accept international purchases and it still gets declined, it is best to wait a few hours and then try the deposit again. Depending on the time of day it is, a particular sportsbook may use various payment processors, as not all are available constantly. Another option is to call the sportsbooks’ customer service line and make the deposit with a representative. In general, one of these options should be successful in allowing you to make a deposit with your credit card. When you have tried all of these suggestions and they have all failed, you still have one more potential way to make your deposit.

Withdrawal Options For Debit And Credit Cards

In rare cases, you can use a debit or credit card to withdraw your winnings from an online sportsbook account. Some sportsbooks will allow you to withdraw your winnings using the same debit or credit card that you completed the deposit with. The majority of the time, you must have a certain amount of winnings accumulated before you can withdraw them to a card. This generally takes roughly one week to process before you receive the money.

More recently, select sportsbooks have begun to send their players a debit card that they can use to access their winnings and withdraw them as cash. This is quickly becoming a common way to claim your winnings.

Most of the time, these debit cards sent out by the sportsbooks require you to pay one fee to activate the card and then a fee every month to keep using it. They function as any other debit card does, in the sense that you can use the card at an ATM and get cash. You can also swipe them in a store to complete your purchase. The fees you encounter in this instance are generally lower than the fees credit cards place on your account.

The Reason You Should Prefer Credit Card Sportsbooks

There is a reason that debit and credit cards are used more than any other form of payment in America. Transactions are usually approved by sportsbooks instantly when a credit or debit card is used. A growing number of sports betting sites are now allowing bettors to make deposits and withdrawals with the same card. In the future this may threaten the popularity of checks being used to issue winnings.

Study our hub page to learn about what all of your deposit and withdrawal options are, including cryptocurrency and credit cards.

Deposit Methods for USA Sportsbooks

There are still many deposit methods available for USA sportsbooks online. When making a deposit to any major online sportsbook, one of the very first things that you should try are the credit cards that you have, while some people get their credit cards declined, others don’t, depending on which state you live in. In case your credit cards fail to work, you need to move on to the other deposit options that are available for deposits.

The other sportsbook deposit methods that you can use to make deposits at an online sports betting site in case you are located in United States are: e-wallet, wire transfer, bank drafts, Netspend, MoneyGram and of course you can try using bicoin cryptocurrency.

The credit cards are by far one of the easiest methods of making a payment online, but if that method fails you, try getting a pre-paid gift card or e-check option. Pre-paid reloadable gift cards, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart or any retail store, are the most secure and sufficient ways to add real money to your players account. At the same time it’s also very fast and the cost of using this payment method is very small. If you are using Bovada sportsbooks and would like to use their exclusive deposits methods, Rapid Transfer, wchich is used specifically for Bovada deposits.

Withdrawal Methods for USA Sportsbooks

"In order make a bitcoin payout, you need to fund your account using crypto currency."


One of the most popular methods for cashing out your winnings is by using a bitcoin crypto currency. While there are plenty of other payment methods available at the online sportsbooks right now for USA players, these payment methods are most of the time the most efficient way you can cash out your winnings out of an online sportsbooks.

The bitcoin payout method will offer you access to your funds faster, since everything is done instantly. At the same time the MoneyGram tend to be a cheaper way to cash out your winnings but you have to wait for the check to physically arrive to your address.


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