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NetSpend Banking Options for Online Sportsbooks

NetSpend Corporation is a US based organization renowned in offering products and services that enable consumers to be self-banked. With our Pan US approach since 1999, we have served more than 7 million consumers with our distinctive products. As currently, we are stretched to approximately 60 million underbanked consumers in US, which are either devoid of traditional bank account or depend upon numerous available financial services in the market. The platform we offer is secure, easy to use and provides you enormous freedom.

Their corporation has its Head Office in Austin, Texas with supplementary offices in Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Leawood, KS; and San Mateo, CA. NetSpend is also listed on NASDAQ stock exchange with representation NTSP.

The expertise we offer is prepaid debit cards, which comes along with the feature of being recharged and reused. This unique prepaid debit card facilitates consumers to pay their bills and do buying. It also helps you to get rid of peeping into your account and keeping a tab on your credit history. Also, we have other financial services in the basket different in comparison to the traditional banking products. Our one such product is corporate payroll card solutions – a 100% paperless payroll system, popular among employees and employers. You will come to know about the features of the products in their detailed description given below.

The products and services that we offer are not only available with store-based distributors, but we have a direct distribution channel also that provides consumers with speedy delivery. Our whole distribution network is spread over more than 1,00,000 locations, which includes retailers, check cashers, convenience stores, grocers, insurance providers, tax preparers and many others.

Now, let’s take a tour of the procedure to open a NetSpend Card Account and features of the products offered by NetSpend.

How to open a NetSpend Card Account?

As their mission is to promote convenient banking; so thus their process for opening a NetSpend Card Account. What you have to do is just to mention your name and address and you will be delivered your new card within 7-10 business days of your request. Your name will be embossed on the NetSpend Card and it will be wrapped in a white envelope from NetSpend when you get it at your doorsteps. The informatory clause is “Get your card activated before using it”.

The NetSpend Prepaid Cards can be purchased and reloaded using two ways – place an order online or get it from different distribution channels such as grocery stores, check cashers and convenience stores. They have more than 30,000 locations countrywide to help serving this purpose.

Prepaid Debit Cards - Features

• Visa and Master Cards: There are two types of prepaid debit cards issued by NetSpend - FDIC-insured Visa Card and MasterCard Prepaid Cards. These cards are being issued by a wide range of state and federally regulated financial institutions.

• Direct Deposit: These cards allow direct deposit of paychecks, government benefit checks, tax refunds, pension and other such monetary deposits.

• Round the Clock Availability: With these cards, you can avail the associated services round the clock vide internet, phone or text message

• Optional Savings Account: Consumers can also enjoy the facility of an optional savings account with a competitive Annual Percentage Yield (API) of 5%

• Varied services: Our prepaid debit card helps in making purchases, clearing bills and provides many such more services.

Corporate Payroll Cards

In addition to the services listed above, corporate payroll card comes with a feature of providing employees online wage statement. It also cuts the costs to companies as it is a 100% paperless payroll system. The product in talk is branded under Skylight Financial and is beneficial for both the employees and employers.

As Netspend caters to a widespread consumer base, we offer tailored products and services to distinct markets, distribution channels and customer segments. We have a fully-integrated system, which encompasses gathering information about the cardholders; handling queries of customers; managing customer databases; keeping a check on account-level data; conformity to regulatory provisions; keeping communication with our issuing banks and distributors and risk management.


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