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SportsBettingOnline Sportsbook In-Depth Review

SBO Sports USA SportsbookAlong with many of its competitors, SportsBettingOnline.ag is firmly established in San Jose, Costa Rica, the betting capital of the world. And just as with the majority of other sportsbooks they have created an easy and seamless service that makes it very simple for anyone to bet on their favorite major league sports.

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Minimum Deposit: $50
Servicing the Industry since 2011


SportsBettingOnline.ag Latest Bonuses

SportsBettingOnline.ag strive to keep everything simple for the sports bettors – including the strategy they use to run bonuses. Most of their competitors make their members jump through hoops to earn ever more elusive bonuses.

Not SportsBettingOnline though, with their ingenious but simple idea of giving back to the bettors whether they win or lose by offering 10% cash back every week. Every Monday bettors will be able to log into their account and see a nice 10% bonus topping up their deposit. Because there are no rollovers and no holds players have an easier time of accessing their winnings.


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An example will make everything clearer. Let’s say a player has been betting all week and wins $2500 in the sportsbook, suffers a loss at the casino, and wins $500 on the ponies. The total wins versus losses amounts to about $2000 give or take. Once Monday rolls around the bettor will see a bonus of $200 entered into their account. USA Sportsbooks Accepting US PlayersThis is all free play without a rollover. The player actually gets paid extra for winning while a losing player can think of it as a rebate. A very valuable bonus indeed.


Personal over the counter service, Money Transfer, BitCoins, and Credit Cards.

Many Sportsbooks are guilty of enticing new members into their fold with over the top promises and bonuses that are too hard to collect on. Sadly, the new members have no idea what they are in for until after they have signed up.


The action you can expect:

Office pools, Action Points, Futures, Props, Conditionals, If-Bets, Reverses, Pleasers, Teasers, Second Chance Parlays, and Straights


SportsBettingOnline Sportsbook Review Page


Bet Types offered by SportsBettingOnline

Totals, Pointspreads, Moneylines
Usually we’re a bit hesitant to try out new sports betting sites such as SBO but after reading some compelling reviews on high end sites such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and CBS Sports we decided to bite the bullet and give them a go.  The site may be shiny new but the team behind are seasoned professionals who have earned their dues. Most of the staff have at least a couple of decade’s worth of experience. Plus, how can you resist those fast and free payouts.


SportsBettingOnline Website URL
Visit www.sportsbettingonline.ag to enter the sportsbook betting service.



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